Organic biosynthetic astaxanthin
Bio-Kai is a biotech startup producing 100% organic biosynthetic astaxanthin to feed salmon, chicken, and cattle
Bio-Kai – 100% organic, non-GMO astaxanthin
Sustainable organic biosynthesis helps feed the plane

Bio-Kai is a biotech company producing organic, non-GMO biosynthetic astaxanthin, which is 100% identical to the one found in nature. Our astaxanthin is the first choice for feeding farmed salmon, poultry, and cattle

Production Process
Our goal is to create a healthy and natural yet affordable alternative to synthetic astaxanthin, which most farmers currently use to feed fish, poultry, and cattle.
Bio-Kai’s 100% organic astaxanthin opens new horizons for healthy and sustainable farming, ensuring the highest quality of the food on our table
Bio-Kai’s organic biosynthetic production process includes three steps:
Yeast design

Our unique patented production method starts from proprietary yeast Yarrowia Lipolytica (YL), an ideal micro-organism for astaxanthin’s biosynthesis. BioKai’s YL has been optimized for efficient large-scale production of high-quality astaxanthin.

Yeast fermentation

BioKai’s yeast fermentation requires no light. The process takes 3(!) days for batch processing. Besides, we are moving to a continuous production that increases yield significantly.

Astaxanthin extraction

Another unique advantage of BioKai’s method is the activation of astaxanthin’s secretion by cells. We directly obtain the solution of astaxanthin in oil by collecting it from the fermenter’s top part after the fermentation.

BioKai’s Benefits

The robust antioxidant quality of astaxanthin helps with wellness in several areas of humans health.

  • High-quality, pharmaceutical grade, bioidentical products

  • Significantly lower cost than algae-based astaxanthin

  • Large volume, sustainable production

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Where BioKai can be used
Feeding farmed fish and animals

Astaxanthin is currently used to feed fish, poultry, and cattle. It confers a vast array of health benefits for animals. These benefits include improvements in survival, growth performance, reproductive capacity, stress tolerance, disease resistance, and immune‐related gene expression.

Strengthening immune system

Studies showed that astaxanthin can support a healthy immune system by enhancing the production of antibodies in response to harmful stimuli. On the other end of the immune system, oxygen radicals often damage cells and lead to various cancers. It can promote the elimination of these damaging oxygen radicals.

Supporting healthy brain function

Oxidative damage can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. By supporting protective mechanisms against oxidative stress, this compound can support healthy brain function.

Regulating cholesterol level

Low HDL levels and high LDL levels can contribute to heart disease. By combating oxidative stress and regulating nitric oxide levels, astaxanthin can support the optimal balancing of cholesterol levels. By reducing stiffness in the arteries, it can also promote blood flow.

Protecting skin from UV damage

Ultraviolet (UV)-induced damage to the skin can cause age spots, wrinkles, and reduced skin elasticity. By promoting the skin’s immune response to damaging factors, such as UV radiation, astaxanthin can support healthy skin.